The Kevoree Book

Cloud Management with Kevoree

Kevoree can be used as a Cloud management layer, simply by following this idea. If a node is a container, it can as well contains other nodes, which can then host components. In others words, simply by composing Nodes with can manage Cloud virtual infrastructures by mapping Kevoree nodes to virtual machines.

Again, everything is about manipulating model, KevScript is then the simplest way to dynamically manipulate infrastructures.

Add nodes

This allows to create a new virtual machine in another container. Here infra0 is the container, in other words, one of the IaaS (infrastructure) nodes set. vm0 is then a PaaS (platform) node, ready himself to host components.

add infra0.vm0 : JavaNode

Remove nodes

In the same manner, one can delete a node from his container.

remove infra0.vm0

Move nodes

The move instruction is a migration command. It allows to migrate a virtual machine to another container.

move infra0.vm0 infra1