The Kevoree Book

Management Commands

To configure code and type definition source (repositories), KevScript offer several commands. Following, Models@Run.time terminology, any configuration of Kevoree platforms, even IP definition is done through the model, and thus through the KevScript commands.

In this sub-section, we cover how to include type definitions from maven repositories and also how to configure IP informations.

Comments If you want to comment a line in your KevScript, here you go.

// this is a comment
// comments allow any character ! \ù%*é=^``~&°.:!§,?/#çà][-|

Namespace A namespace allows to group several elements under a unique name, in order to simplify the manipulation on these elements. For instance, you can declare a namespace to which you add several nodes, to be able to write their connection to the same synchronization group as presented on the right. Elements are added in namespaces using the attach command, they can be removed from the namespace using detach. A namespace can be completely removed using the remove command.

namespace space42
attach node0, node1 space42
attach space42 sync
detach node1 space42
remove space42

Repository Adds a repository location for the resolution of binaries.


Include Imports a library of types in the model, makes the Types available. A fixed version number enforce the use of a specific version of library that will never change. A SNAPSHOT version will always get the last version of the library, in snapshot mode. A RELEASE version tag indicates that the version has to be updated to the latests release of the library. A LATEST version tag (the default) looks for the latest version of the library, regarless of its type (release or snapshot) based on the build timestamp.


Network Specifies the IP address on which a node is reachable. In addition give as last parameter an interface face, this must be unique.

network node0.ip.eth0