A new release is out

Tue, 05 Sep 2017 03:48:00 -0500 by leiko

We have just released new stable versions of the Java and NodeJS platforms:

  • Java v5.5.0
  • NodeJS v6.1.7

We are aware of the misleading difference between the two platforms major versions and we will most definitely make those converge in a near future (at least for the CLIs)

Those new versions are the output of 3 years of incremental development with the feedbacks received from the HEADS consortium.

Overall changes:

  • publishing on a Kevoree registry is now pre-checked to prevent erroneous publication of models
  • improved logging experience
  • shared user config in ~/.kevoree/config.json

Main changes for Java:

  • instances classloader are now using a URLClassLoader approach, which is supposed to reflect the default behavior intended by 3rd-party libraries users
  • runtime errors/exceptions are now understandable with a clean stack bubbling all the way up to the core

Main changes for NodeJS:

  • improved error handling (Promises instead of callbacks except for instances lifecycle hooks)
  • development tooling is now packed in a kevoree-scripts module to clarify projects for new-comers