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Java SE Watchdog

KThe Kevoree Watchdog is a service that downloads (if necessary), installs, starts and monitors a Kevoree Runtime.

Java SE Runtime

Kevoree runtime is a standalone application running in a java virtual machine. Headless or with a graphical swing interface runtime is a container for your application.

Java SE Runtime GUI

Same as Java SE Runtime but embedd in a frame GUI.

Java SE Runtime Public Gateway GUI

Same as Java SE GUI but using a public gateway for group synchronization.

Android Runtime

Android Runtime is compatible to android OS from version 2.3 and later.


Kevoree editor is a swing application allowing you to edit you model, push and read from Kevoree nodes. It's graphical syntaxe is the easiest way to begin your first kevoree application.


Project sample contains various sample of kevoree usage (component definition, kevscript, ...)

Go to sample Git repository

Cloud virtual machine

coming soon !