KevScript in the Web editor

In the Kevoree Web Editor you can execute KevScript files directly from your browser.

Execute your KevScript directly from your browser!

WebEditor KevScript engine with auto-complete

The KevScript engine in the Web editor is based on the NodeJS module kevoree-kevscript and is bundled as a CodeMirror mode available here.

Kevoree Registry setting

Every KevScript engine needs to be able to access a Kevoree Registry somewhere in order to resolve the TypeDefinitions and there DeployUnits.
To specify a registry other than the official, you can go to the /#/settings page of the Web editor here and modify the Kevoree Registry input field.

WebEditor Registry url setting

Auto-complete feature

The editor comes with an auto-complete feature available using Ctrl-Space depending on the current cursor position.
It also executes the script as-you-type giving you success/error/warning feedbacks directly on the screen.