Create a new project

To create a Kevoree project targeting Node.js or Web browsers you need to have the kevoree-cli installed.

If you do not have the CLI installed yet, you can do it by following this installation page.

TL;DR npm i -g kevoree-cli

Scaffolding a new project

The Kevoree CLI provides a command in order to scaffold a JavaScript project with everything that is needed to get started straight away.

kevoree create my-project

You will be asked for a few questions, once answered, a bunch of files will be generated.

Create new project

Once generated you have to go to the created directory:

cd my-project

And install the dependencies and dev dependencies using npm or yarn:

npm i

Start my project

You can start your generated project by running npm start

npm start

NB: npm start is a shortcut for node node_modules/.bin/kevoree-scripts build && node node_modules/.bin/kevoree-scripts start