The Kevoree Book

Kevoree Script (aka KevScript)

KevScript is a scripting language developed to simplify the authoring of models at design and run-time.

KevScript is a scripting language to manipulate a model and not a general purpose langage.

The KevoreeScriptEngine takes a script and a source model as input, and returns a new model modified according to the script.

In other word, KevScript is only a Kevoree-specific transformation language.

KevScript can be use to describe

  1. A boot model
  2. Action in editors
  3. Adaptation from any Kevoree entities deployed into a Kevoree runtime.

In other word, KevScript is the most generic way to manipulate Kevoree models, and can be used to visualize, test, edit, and perform live adaptations.

How it look like ?

The following figure depict a classical exemple.


The result of this script will be the creation of a model containing a node, a group and the attachement of the node0 to the group sync. The graphical result is depicted in the following figure.