The Kevoree Book

Binding/Sync Commands

After creation, Kevoree entities has to be binded to each others in order to exchange message or models. Bind and Unbind commands allow to connect components to channels and Attach and Detach allow to create a subscription of a node to a group.


Binds the port, or several ports, of a component instance to several channel instances.

bind node0.base.output chan0
bind node0.base.input chan0


Disconnects the port of a component from a channel.

unbind node0.base.input chan0


The last parameter of this command can be an instance of groupor a namespace. If the last parameter is a namespace, the list of parameters can be whatever you want. If the last parameter is a group, the elements should be nodes or namespaces.

attach node0 sync
attach node1, node2 sync
attach * sync
attach * space42


Disconnects one or several node instances from a synchronization group. The group is always at the last position in the command.

detach node0 sync2