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What is Kevoree?

Kevoree project aims at enabling distributed reconfigurable software development. Build around a component model, Kevoree leverages model@runtime approach to offer tools to build, adapt and synchronize distributed systems.

Why Kevoree?

Extensible, this project already offers runtime for JVM, Android, Arduino but also for virtualization management such as VirtualBox. In short Kevoree helping you to develop your adaptable software from Cloud stack to embedded devices !

Make it easy

Kevoree offers an abstraction model that makes easier the manipulation of concepts such as Nodes, Components, Synchronization groups and Communication channels in distributed software systems.

Distributed modeling

Modeling explicits the nodes and the topology of distributed systems. As a system representation, Kevoree allows the model itself to be distributed across the nodes to share the cluster oraganization.

Event driven, scalable

Build around asynchronous model, Kevoree allows design of asynchronous communication, asynchronous synchronization.

Open Source

Licensed under LGPL and maintained by the community on .

Continuously design

Because long living system must evolve while serving, our approach takes care about HotSwap functionality.

Build your own cloud

Particular software always need particular optimization. Embeddeding your own adaptation layer in Kevoree cluster allows you to build your own cloud.


Kevoree uses The YourKit Java Profiler for Performance Tuning.

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